5 Stars


Rohan taught my three sons to drive over a period of about a year. They all have different personalities and had differing levels of natural aptitude and he was able to teach all of them. They all liked him and found him friendly, approachable and a great teacher. He was able to explain things to them in a way that made sense. Two out of three passed their test first go and the other one passed on the second attempt. Thanks so much Rohan for all your help.

5 Stars


Can't thank Rohan enough for all helping me pass my P's test. An amazing driving instructor who I would recommend to everyone. Rohan has not only been a great teacher, but a kind and understanding mentor who risked his life many times to get in a car with me. Big thank you :)

5 Stars


We absolutely love Rohan and can't recommend him enough. Rohan has taught both my children with one getting his license in December 20 and I am pleased to say he is a very careful and aware driver. My daughter is going for her license in 2 weeks and she is also very aware and confident. Rohan's calm and patient manner immediately puts the kids at ease, which is how I believe they learn so well. Rohan has taught my kids how to drive in a way my wife and I would have struggled .

5 Stars


I couldn’t recommend Rohan’s lessons more. It’s not just about operating a vehicle, it’s about knowing the rules. I’ve been driving for over 15 yrs outside of Australia, but I can honestly say I wouldn’t have passed my test without Rohan’s lessons. He gives very clear and specific feedback when you make mistakes. He really prepared me well for my test and I passed it on my first try. I’m so happy that I don’t have to do it all again!

5 Stars


As someone who had not taken a lesson before the age of 35, I was very anxious when it came to getting behind the wheel! Thankfully, Rohan's calm manner and expert teaching soon settled my nerves and had me out on the open road. I am now the proud owner of my licence and couldn't recommend Rohan more highly!

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